vilhelm bromander (1988) is a swedish bass player, improviser and composer based in stockholm. he embraces his bass from many different angles, with a great curiosity in sound, texture, intonation and timbre. often he directs his focus to acoustic details such as beating, common partials and difference tones – to hear what happens with our perception when we allow ourselves to be immersed in sound for a longer stretch of time. he draws inspiration from a wide variety of genres such as improvised music, free jazz and electronic music as well as his studies of just intonation and dhrupad.


as an improviser he has played with musicians like axel dörner, tisha mukarji, michael thieke, sten sandell, christer bothén, katt hernandez, lisa ullén, henrik olsson to name a few.


also being a popular session musician he has played with among others daniel johnston, saigon, musette, joe davolaz, josefin öhrn + the liberation, the tiny & music is the weapon.